Unable to register online? Pay in advance by cheque!

Exciting news Raiders… With less than 1 month to go until the Reunion, we are now accepting advanced registration at the school during office hours (8:00-3:00 Monday-Friday).

Starting next week, you may come to the school with a cheque payable to “Erindale SS 50 Reunion Planning Committee”. Cash will not be accepted. Don’t miss this chance to save yourself from at-the-door fees on the day of the event!

When you arrive at the office, state you are here to register for the Reunion and office staff will assist you. This offer is only available until April 21 – Don’t delay, register starting Monday!

If you are able to register using Eventbrite please do. This option is to ensure everyone gets a chance to attend this once in a lifetime event 🙂


1 thought on “Unable to register online? Pay in advance by cheque!”

  1. Have registered for 2 – wanted to say my husband Dave Tomlinson – taught Scoence there in the late 70’s/80’s is coming also on Saturday – heard you were mentioning past teachers at the assembly so thought I’d let you know.
    Gloria Tomlinson


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